HH-66Vinyl Cement "More durable than the Fabric Itself"

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Technical Data:
Base: Thermoplasticelastomer
Color: Clear
Solvent: MEK-Ethyl Acetate-Acetone Blend
Viscosity: Medium, 1100-1300 cps.
Application: Brush or Roller
Solids: 15% ± 1% (Approximately)
Net Weight: 8 Lbs. (Approximately)
Temperature Range: -30° to 180°F.
Tack Life: 2 – 5 minutes
Shelf Life: 18 months or longer
Flash Point: 22° F.


Danger – Flammable Mixture.
Do Not Use Near Fire or Flame.
Use with Adequate Ventilation.
Vapor May Cause Flash Fire.
Avoid Prolonged Breathing of Vapor and Contact With Eyes and Skin.


MSDS available to download here