HH-66Vinyl Cement "More durable than the Fabric Itself"

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Clear-Tite-HHR Neoprene Cement

General Description and Uses:

Clear-Tite-HHR cement is a high heat resistant contact adhesive that provides exceptionally strong bonds for decorative plastic laminates (formica) in combination with plywood, particle board, composition board, wood, or metal. Clear-Tite also bonds rubber, leather, glass, fabrics, carpeting, cove base, and many types of plastics. It is widely used in the manufacture of kitchen cabinets, counter tops, store fixtures, desk tops, table tops, exhibits, and in a variety of industrial products.

Clear-Tite-HHR is fast drying for quick, efficient fabrication. Cemented surfaces are dry and ready for bonding in about 10 minutes; open time is up to 1/2 hour. Recommended application is by brush, roller, or notched trowel. A spray grade for faster assembly is available. Presses or clamps are never needed, and as initial strength is high, machining may proceed immediately after bonding.

Because Clear-Tite-HHR is blended to a homogenized consistency, it spreads very smoothly. This eliminates “puddling, “the cause of uneven formica tops, and also assures longer mileage. Only one-coat application to each surface is normally required.

Resistance to heat, water, peel back, shock, and aging is excellent. Good resistance to alcohol, oil, gasoline, and most aliphatic solvents. Strength of bond increases with age.

Clear-Tite-HHR is an outstanding adhesive made with the highest grade ingredients available. It is specifically designed to improve the quality of your products and the efficiency of your operations.

Clear-Tite-HHR is used widely in the manufacture and repair of:

• Leather
• Fabrics

• Cork
• Composition Rubber

• Wood
• Glass

• Foam
• Crepe Rubber

Clear-Tite-HHR Neoprene Cement

Technical Data:
Base: Neoprene Rubber and Resin
Color: Beige
Solvent: Toluene, Acetone, MEK, Heptane
Viscosity: Medium
Application: Brush, Roller, Notched Trowel, Squeeze Bottle, etc.
Solids: 21% (Approximately)
Net Weight: 7.2 Lbs. per Gallon
Temperature Range: -30° to 250°F.
Tack Life: 10 minutes to 1/2 hour
Shelf Life: 1 Year
Flash Point: 20˚F.
Danger – Extremely Flammable Mixture.
Vapor May Cause Flash Fire.
Do Not Use Near Fire or Flame.
Use with Adequate Ventilation.
Avoid Prolonged Breathing of Vapor.